Da capo concept
We live in times when Christians compromise a lot. There appears to be neglect for the subject of Christian Standards and thus the practical principles that ought to distinguish the Christian life from that of the world (Crews, 2002).

Music is one area that has evidently suffered the consequences of the creeping compromise in Christian circles. What we call Gospel Music is so entrenched in worldly practices that it is almost impossible to draw a line of distinction. There is a trend of music branded as Christian but is devoid of Biblical Standards. Aspects of truthfulness, honorableness, righteousness, purity, beauty, and virtue have all been ‘thrown out of the window.’ Much focus is on mere entertainment and self-glorification.

NAE seeks to make a difference in this regard by promoting high-quality Adventist Music that fits Biblical standards and free from the worldly influence. Therefore, in the upcoming music concert/dinner, we shall be sharing this message and will also showcase our attempt to achieve good music.

Problem Statement
  1. Decline in the quality of Adventist music
  2. Lack of a clear music policy in the Adventist church
  3. The commercialization of Adventist music
  4. Few Adventist choir trainers that are knowledgeable
  1. Carry out a thorough stakeholders review
  2. Regular Da Capo concert showcasing quality Adventist music
  3. Regularly invite speakers and experts on Adventist music themes
  4. Regularly bring together like-minded choirs to Da Capo events to help promote and “Centers of Excellence in Adventist music”
  5. Start a professionally run Adventist music studio, employing professionals and providing quality recording and advice
  6. Regularly run music seminars and workshops to grow musical knowledge
  7. Approach conferences and stations to run music training
  8. Identify likeminded people, choirs and collaborators

Crews, J. (2002). Creeping compromise. Yorba Linda, CA: Homeward Publishing.