About Us

About The Foundation

We live in an age where voices are too weak to speak out, and hands are too feeble to weld the weaknesses of the society. There needs to come out of the world’s mixed population, a voice; a voice that is determined to sustain the reverberation of impact. The Nairobi Advent Ensemble Foundation recognizes the need to be the voice for the voiceless and the advocate of the beaten and bruised. We are a civil society that takes it as a personal affair, to create awareness and push for meaningful discourse around matters social justice, integrity, peace and cohesion.

Mission Statement

The NAE foundation works with youths and young adults to identify and create opportunities for positive change in the communities where they reside in response to national and global issues. The main reason for our existence is to lift up Christ through acts of service and of love to God and fellow mankind.

What we do

The Foundation oversees the mobilization of goal-based activities and provision of social framework in order to have a positive impact to the members of the society, especially the youth. These are enacted by the able secretariat arm of the foundation which is responsible for advocacy, creation of awareness and disseminating knowledge on social, economic, environmental and legal issues.

In line with that the Foundation has run programs such as 1000 Voices for Peace in 2017 aimed at promoting peace during the electioneering period in Kenya with a special target of the youth; the All-Third African Religious Liberty congress in Kigali Rwanda in 2018 aimed at promoting religious tolerance, a peaceful Continent and appreciation of diversity amongst world religions; the 1000 Voices for Turkana in 2019 which was geared towards alleviating the biting pangs of hunger and the prevalent drought; the 1000 Voices for Integrity in 2020, geared towards shaping the societal view on integrity, and addressing the need to culture our society into an integral lifestyle; the 1000 Voices Cancer Friends of Hope in 2021, where we helped raise funds for the cancer patients living in low-income settlements in Nairobi, hence taking part in improving health care in the country; and also the 1000 Voices For Peace, Kenya Tarajiwa project in 2022, with an aim of further preaching the gospel of peace with a special interest to the youth and the church. We daily seek for opportunities to make our society a better place to be in.

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