Background Information
A severe drought has hit various parts of Kenya leading to severe hunger, malnutrition and loss of life and sources of livelihood amongst thousands of Kenya. “Is there anything that we can?” The scope of the crisis is catastrophic with the Interior ministry calling for multi-sectoral interventions to mitigate against the effect of this problem.

In the past, there have arisen initiatives by musicians and artists across the globe (for example, “We are the world” by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and other celebrities) in support of similar initiatives. The 1,000 Voices for Peace: Simama na Turkana project may not have that level of celebrity-based support but is a project that hopes to sensitize other to the magnitude of the crisis and to raise funds for the same.

  • To mobilize resource in support of thousands dying of hunger and malnutrition in the wake of the severe drought in Turkana county


  • To use musical concerts across the nation, and the spoken word, to raise funds for Turkana
  • To sensitize the Christian and various religious fora to mobilize resources for Turkana
  • To use mass and social media to bring awareness of the dire situation among thousands dying from starvation
  • To engage government and other organs of leadership (The National Drought Management Authority) to find a lasting solution to this problem


  • Use various social media platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to sensitize the nations and Kenyans across the diaspora of the plight of Kenyans in Turkana
  • Organize a well-organized, none celebrity led, Christian led musical concert to raise money in support of Turkana.
  • Approach composers to urgently put-together an equivalent of “We are the world,” with a Kenyan touch, record the music and share it widely on mass and social media.
  • Approach a media house and corporates to partner with us on this initiative
  • Approach the leadership of the Seventh Day Adventist church seeking their support in partnering on this project.